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Nurses Spend 34% of Their Time Charting. 

All you have is time. 

Get it back with tools & resources from the only website dedicated to nursing documentation.

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Time Saving

Find blogs, links, or other tools to help improve your charting efficiency. 

Expertly Curated Content

Read content that has been curated by a world-class educator in nursing documentation. 

Engaging Learning Opportunities

Enjoy learning with entertaining, innovative education methods & resources. 

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Where Do I Start?

The possibilities are endless!​

You can start at a blog, signing up in the member's area, searching for a news article, or even find a tool. 

We firmly believe that everyone's learning style is unique, so we try to incorporate as many learning tools and resources as possible. 

But, as progressive nursing educators, we take an unconventional approach to learning - that is, spin nursing documentation into a fun, engaging experience that can impact every learner and nurse. 

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