FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 
Here, you can find the most commonly asked questions as it pertains to the site. If you feel as though there is something that is missing, send a message here

Site Questions

What tools and resources are available on this site?

As of right now (August, 2021), the tools that are available are a series of infographics based on blog posts, the blog posts themselves, a nursing practice act map (which allows you go navigate directly to your state's NPA), links to books for purchase through Amazon, and links to other articles.

Are there any courses or videos available?

While there are none currently available, that's not to say that they won't be available in the future.

Are you available for a consult?

I am available for consultations. While I am not a lawyer and I don't specialize in nursing related law or litigation, I will always do my best to discuss what's understood to be best practice. Think of my consultation as "clearing up the muddied waters" instead of legal advice.

How much does it cost?

Everything currently on the site is free. Future offerings may have an associated cost, but at the time of this writing (August, 2021), all of the infographics or PDFs available are free to use, provided they are created by the authors or owners of this site. If the downloads are available, please use or share at your discretion.

What happened to the members area?

After careful consideration, we decided to remove the members area. We don't know if this will be a permanent decision, but until we can improve the experience from YOUR perspective (i.e. more offerings with greater value), the process for you to utilize that area is somewhat (and admittedly) cumbersome. We always want the learning experience or any tools to be simple and easy to use, and we didn't feel like there was a great benefit currently to offering a members area. If you liked this feature, send an email and let us know!