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Chance Reaves, MSN-Ed., RN​


  • Surgical-Trauma ICU RN (Level I Trauma/Stroke/Burns)

  • Community Health Nursing

  • NCLEX Book Author

  • Nurse Educator

  • Project Management in E-Learning

  • Curriculum Development Manager

  • Clinical Informatics Education and Professional Development

In 2013, when I was in nursing school, one of the most challenging processes for me was documentation. But I wasn't necessarily lost. I had nearly ten years of experience with medical records as a veterinary technician - I was documenting daily. But something was missing. 

We didn't have a documentation class, and our instructors just threw idioms at us! There were no good books (or at least they weren't recommended), so we felt like we were totally flying blind. But thankfully, I had great preceptors and my own personal interest and desire to make sure that I understood some basic concepts. 

Fast-forward to 2015, and after graduating from nursing school, I definitely learned the ropes.  In my nurse residency, I spent so much time charting. Even when I graduated, practicing on my own, I still felt compelled to make this process easier. So I learned hands-on from the best but still realized that there has to be a better way. 

Thankfully, my Master's in Nursing Education really helped me understand the importance of having a solid background in instructional design. I've learned that we all absorb information differently, and I would be doing you a disservice if I just wrote a bunch of blogs with my own opinion.
Frankly, I want to make nursing documentation and charting easier for you. And to start, my goal is to compile any of the world's best resources and have them all in a singular location. In the end, it helps our patients, the organizations we work for, and most importantly, helps to elevate our profession to make sure we continue to be recognized as the most trusted profession. 

I'm excited to work and share my own daily teaching experiences in the land of informatics and documentation with all nurses, as well as prepare those in nursing school for ways they can best protect themselves and their patients in an ever-changing world. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit and learn. Please never hesitate to reach out. 

- Chance
Fellow Nurse

Founder - My Nursing Note